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From the idea to the delivery and everything in between, we make it happen. Our track record of successful completed projects is a proof we are proud of in Veganza Decorations.

Our goal is to create functional and beautifully-shaped spaces backed with impeccable strategy, design and delivery.

Services Provided by the Company


General coordination and project management

The most integral part of the process is that we cooperate strongly using our expert knowledge and experience to create the best possible solutions to maximize your space, in a way that goes in line with your spirit and that supports business and individuals.


Architectural Designs

Veganza Decorations’ team develops the architectural design of your project, while applying the basic principles of successful architecture. The Veganza team also develops the design of architectural buildings with a unique style and creative designs.

We find solutions to your needs, keeping the environment in mind and prioritizing safety and functionality without compromising the project’s sustainable aesthetics.

A team of designers and architects will support and guide you through architectural design methods to choose a suitable design for your project.


Interior Design

Whether you are planning to design a new project or redesign an existing interior space, we offer you a full range of interior design services. We also aim at clarifying each stage of the process to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. At Veganza Decorations, we offer luxurious and unique interior designs where beauty meets functionality, thus creating a comfortable space.


Design and production of furniture and industrial products

We design furniture and industrial products that meet the needs of modern life, employing innovative ideas never implemented before. We take care of all matters related to your project to save you time. We share with you the satisfaction and feeling of comfort on seeing your project’s vision come true.


Visual studies and presentation of 2D and 3D animation

Veganza Decorations offers 2D designs, colorful floor plans, and 2D and 3D visual presentations of projects.

Veganza Decorations uses the latest and most amazing technologies in the fields of design and visual presentation to provide an authentic virtual display of the design on time and at highly competitive prices that meet the needs of our customers.

Project Progress Plan

At first, the global coordination team studies your requirements and your future perceptions concerning the project to be implemented, whether it is an architectural feature, interior design, or the implementation of a furniture design. The team develops a detailed work plan.

Project Delivery

We make sure to deliver on time and adhere to the smallest delivery details. We coordinate every aspect of delivery because your experience is at the heart of everything we do and your success is our success.

We are not only passionate about people, but we also specialize in details and we deliver results.

We are not only passionate about people, but we also specialize in details and deliver results.

"Veganza Company that specializes in designing and decoration has a thorough insight and knowledge of the smallest details, technical skills and modern designs that we offer for each project"